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E V E N T  S P A C E

T H E  C O D E  A M E N I T I E S

  • 200+ Gins, 180+ Red wines

  • Seasonal cocktails

  • Champagne Carbon

  • Space: 4,000sq ft

  • VOID Acoustic sound system (only 1 in Hong Kong)

  • Private VIP KTV room

  • 5 x touchscreen screens with 148cm x 48cm display

  • 160” display for presentation

  • Flexible or plan arrangement

  • Capacity: 100 standing 70 seated

  • Bookings for table reservations of parties of 6 or more

  • Disabled toilet facilities and separate ladies and gents toilets

P R I V A T E  &  C O R P E R A T E  V E N U E  H I R E

With such a prime location, the Code is ideal for coperate and private events.

We’ve hosted events for property developers, international beer brands, wine tasting, birthdays and even a cocktail mixing contest. Our tech savvy space and oor plan arrangement is exible allowing us to cater for a diverse range of events.

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